Someone Has to Disappoint Everyone

by Stumble

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released January 4, 2015




Stumble Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Ghetto blasting to keep it unintelligible

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Track Name: Resentment? I'd never
Here's a big fuck you
To all the parties I was invited to
But sat alone playing guitar in my bed

Here's a big fuck me
For all the things i always wanted to be
But never was driven to pursue

Here's a big fuck her
To all the times when she was such a jerk
But to be fair, I was a total waste of space

Here's a big fuck them
For making me always want to just fit in
With people who make me gag
Track Name: Mallely
She tastes like blood and sweat and tears of joy
Acts a little paranoid
And doesn't hear what I say

She hates how early I go to sleep at night
Can't ever say what she's thinking right
But I try my best to understand

It's not love but it's still worth our time x2
I'm over thinking it
But I think it is

I taste like desperate wants but no calls back
Probably will die of heat attack
And don't hear what she says

I hate how she never takes my complements
Can't express how I'm feeling
But she tries to understand
Track Name: Self Confidence
Don't take me to the dance
I don't want another chance
To fall more in love with
All you charm and your wit

Cause I don't wanna want you like I want you