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by The Shoe Gays

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Self recorded in my bedroom because there's no one else to play with here.


released February 11, 2014




Stumble Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Ghetto blasting to keep it unintelligible

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Track Name: Company
Verse 1:
Don’t tell me nothing
There’s something wrong with you
We’re both wide open
with nothing left to do

Tell me now, what is the point
Cause I don't doubt there is the point

Verse 2:
We take it backwards
There’s nothing left to say
Just to be honest
You were leaving anyway
Track Name: Winter Break
Say what you want to me
I promise
And don't you ever forget that promise
That I'll get back to you in three months

Here's a shit excuse I made
It covers
All that I want for it to cover
But I can't say it to your face
Track Name: Friendly
Welcome to sunrise
Welcome to all the things we shared
The guilt is in her eyes
We though we'd be better than we fared

How were we different
How come I was always too shy
Why were we hidden
Were we just too afraid to lie

I never thought about why
You never thought about how
We were just keeping things
Right where they were

Verse 2:
It's hard to stay focused
With her standing over there
With eyes that are hopeless
It's difficult to return your stare

Why don't you drive
I need some time left to stretch
My hand is on your thigh
But you don't feel the normal itch
Track Name: Sleep
Verse 1:
Girl with no E,
My apologies, I'll take you home now
In the fading light,
Even I look alright, Let's take you home now

But if I needed sleep
You wouldn't matter x2

Verse 2:
Girl don't be shy,
It's hard you to lie, I'll take you home now
In the back of my car,
Come on we're not that far, Let's take you home now

Track Name: Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo
You, you just keep making that same face that you do
When I mess up trying to do something new
All alone, sitting in this same old parking lot
Fighting with the same old people who say

God damn me, for trying to say what it is that I mean,
For fighting tooth and nail to get what I need
All alone, it’s kind of overwhelming to see
The suburbs, sprawling all over inside me

I never thought about the way that you spoke
I never thought about the way that you looked

How it bites, the ring of doubt that’s swirling around my mind
How we looked when we always knew we lied
Together, naked out under the stars
and the weather, until it got dark

Hey maybe, this is how it’s just s’posed to be
No happy ending no family
And no dog, who will just die of cancer
all alone, under a tree, fighting for an answer