by Stumble

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credit as always to my ever lasting heart and soul, kanye


released October 16, 2014

Casey Brock - everything
Muneeb - everything
Raj/kanye - everything
Jabcug - everything




Stumble Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Ghetto blasting to keep it unintelligible

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Track Name: Napoleon
5 foot 3
With short blond hair
You make fun of me
But I don't care

We always take
Bad photos of you
And you laugh a lot
So I laugh too

I don't know why I pretended to see you any other way

I'm the only one who knows
All your favorite songs
And you act surprised
When I sing along

I don't really know what
I'm supposed to say
But call me a dumbass
And it makes it okay

I hope this won't make you see me in any other way
Track Name: Ellie 2
Don't act surprised
When everything goes better than you think
You don't have to lie
When he's a better guy for you than me

Cause I'd never be the one
Standing in the rain
Holding out a coat
Giving you a place to stay
Even tho
You're more than worth it

So don't act surprised
If you never miss me again
It's just right
That what we had would come to an end

Cause nothing you could do or
I had to say
Was remotely interesting
In any type of way
Even tho
You're really pretty
Track Name: Liar
And I feel your bones
I feel your bones inside of me
And I always know
I always know right where you'll be
Deep under my skin
Right to where I always seem to bleed
I feel your bones
I feel your bones inside of me
Track Name: Old
5 more years
Till I should start my life
Get a job
And try to find a wife

But I don't know
What to do
It doesn't matter
If I'm ready
(I'm not ready x2)

5 years ago
I was a worthless tool
Sitting in my bed
Couldn't see past middle school
Track Name: Bicycle
I was riding on my bicycle
My head was up in space
Then my handlebars fell apart
And I skinned up part of my face

Now half my body is all fucked up
And the scab kinda looks like shit
I just fell off my bicycle
Look like an idiot

I guess I was lucky
I wasn't concussed like
Tom Michael Kayla or Tommy
I guess I was lucky
I guess I was lucky