sorry mom

by Stumble

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released February 4, 2015

Casey Brock - Everything




Stumble Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Ghetto blasting to keep it unintelligible

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Track Name: Sophie
Can you write your number
Somewhere on my sleeve
I've been watching you drinking
For the past few weeks

Is that how you get over it
Or am I reading in too much
Would you like to make out a bit
Let our tongues touch

Can you speak French
Do you read the classics in your spare time
Are we fixed
On the love you store deep in your mind

Does he even remember
The last time we could eat
Play a show and your staring
Down at your two feet

Take your pay in singles
It's how your dealer likes
Another day and you're wasted
Always losing your mind
Track Name: Delilah
And I believe
She'd cut
My hair while I sleep

And I can see
She'll give
Everything I won't need

I know we'll be
Half of the time

But I need
Her hand
Resting in mine

I’m sorry love but I didn’t know
that the way we live
would become so taxing

But no one really ever knows
the kind of questions that we
Should be asking


Sometimes I feel a little broke
but then I realize that
I’m a new person

And all that I can really do
is try to make sure that
it’s not a worse one
Track Name: PCU
I'm glad that I was there
You thought I was your grandson
The nurse couldn't hear
I thought you would just talk some / I thought you were just lonesome

Then you died
Track Name: Riverside
Sit on the bench
Watching the grass
Breathe in and out
As the minutes pass

The clouds change their shapes
The sky turns all green
I put on my headphones
And dream of

You, and me,
and other loving people

Return to my skin
Feel sun on my face
Finally see
The beauty in my place

Find all my friends
They light a fire
Listen to Chance
And dream of

You, and me,
and other loving people

Half of it wasn’t real
But it changed the way I feel
About who I should be
Everyone should trip and see

They’ll be alright

Can’t go to sleep
The world’s still alive
I still haven’t eaten
But I should try x2