Child​/​Estrogen Single

by Stumble

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We'll see where this is going.

EDIT: Band name change


released February 19, 2014




Stumble Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Ghetto blasting to keep it unintelligible

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Track Name: Child
You told me all our lives
There was nothing new to do
You had eyes all painted black
And your hair slightly askew

You were wrong
But you never felt so right

We carve our first initials
In the sidewalk by my home
I said how we'd be different
How we'd never eat alone

Well I was wrong
But I never felt as right
Track Name: Estrogen
I'm doused in estrogen
Paper bag I'm breathing in
Oh no
Where are the surf punks now

Waking up at god knows when
Directors cut in a garbage bin
Oh ya
I'm winning I don't know how

It's true
What never happened
Is whatever happened
To me

It's cruel
We cut out the half life
With such a blunt knife
To be

So new
Out with the deep end
We stop when we begin
And we

Don't do
A hat with a pinstripe
With loss to the insight

Dog choker collars on
People parking in my songs
Oh no
Where are the surf punks now

Chem labs are done all wrong
Puppy labs are getting long
Oh yah
I'm winning I don't know how

Ice cream and estrogen
Swimming in the lesbians
Oh no
I'm winning I don't know how