by My Name in Print

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Recorded by myself in my bedroom for the past three weeks.


released March 8, 2014




Stumble Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Ghetto blasting to keep it unintelligible

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Track Name: Child
You told me all our lives
There was nothing new to do
You had eyes all painted black
And your hair slightly askew

You were wrong
But you never felt so right

We carve our first initials
In the sidewalk by my home
I said how we'd be different
How we'd never eat alone

Well I was wrong
But I never felt as right

Make it five minutes late
To the party we made up
You thought it ended easy
Thought that nothing would be rough

You were wrong
Like you'd never been before

Blankets on the sand
Under Tables by the lake
I heard the waters rushing
I made a huge mistake

I was wrong
Like I'd never been before
Track Name: Carvings
Carve your name into my lipstick case
7 verses of bad poetry
Tapes covered with beach photos
Stole them all from my family

Please just help me out
Where do I come from now
Where do I come from now

Songs carved out from false memories
Create my own false anthology
I've got to say I'm not the kind of girl
To be left alone at parties
Track Name: Estrogen
I'm doused in estrogen
Paper bag I'm breathing in
Oh no
Where are the surf punks now

Waking up at god knows when
Directors cut in a garbage bin
Oh ya
I'm winning I don't know how

It's true
What never happened
Is whatever happened
To me

It's cruel
We cut out the half life
With such a blunt knife
To be

So new
Out with the deep end
We stop when we begin
And we

Don't do
A hat with a pinstripe
With loss to the insight

Dog choker collars on
People parking in my songs
Oh no
Where are the surf punks now

Chem labs are done all wrong
Puppy labs are getting long
Oh yah
I'm winning I don't know how

Ice cream and estrogen
Swimming in the lesbians
Oh no
I'm winning I don't know how
Track Name: Lennie dreamed of rabbits so what's left for me?
Her eyes were black
Her tail was too
And all I want
Is a new dog too

Drive the car
To the Vet
Watch her take
Her last steps

Take her in
Set her down
Look at her
Play with her paws

Driving home
Empty seat
I feel so
Track Name: Kickball Pt. 1
Your sunglasses are darker than the night
You got a dog you say he won’t ever bite
He’s got a collar but you don’t own a leash
You tell me you stole it but gave it away

My apartment is just up the road
My last roommate never paid for the phone
So I just sit there and the message it beeps
But it’s just my friends and he’s angry

He said that I should call him back
But I never felt that I needed him anyway

Your friend brags about getting it in
It’s crossed my mind every once and again
But he looks at me with eyes so shallow
There’s no word for it in Romanian

It takes the death of the man down the street
For us to realize that we probably should keep
Close to each other for a little while
Or until one of us gets bored

He left a note that said he’d be right back
But he really was never needed anyway
Track Name: Kickball Pt. 2
Why don't you ever want to pick up your phone

You want it
You need it
You buy it
You see it
You put it in your closet as you're never gonna wear it
And your cheap sunglasses filled to the brim with the
Blood of designers who drew it on a whim and
Sent it to a factory in northern Spain
Where Discovery Channel launched its owners into fame
For making all the crap things that we still buy
Track Name: Bonjour
I’d like to thank you for talking to me slowly
In a language I understand
It’s not the way you push the drink to me
It’s all in the slight of hand

The way the room breathes, it’s closing in around me
Blackening my lungs
It’s not about all the things we’re doing
We just have to do them young

The house is quiet, it’s dark all around me
Like the black mark on your chest
I never really thought of this before
But it’s the part that I like best

Empty love, ruining the carpet
Where I lay as I grew up
Just make sure to take a mental photo
Of another broken fuck