by Stumble

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released October 10, 2014

Casey Brock - everything
Muneeb - for keeping it trill
Raj/Kanye - being my everything




Stumble Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Ghetto blasting to keep it unintelligible

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Track Name: Ellie (Loud)
I'm not worth anything
I don't need anything
I don't want anything
I'm not worth anything

I'm not worth anyone
I don't need anyone
I don't want want anyone
I'm not worth anyone
Track Name: Buffalo (Quiet)
Something curled up by my sleeve
Hello are you watching me

Watching you

Someone's sleeping quietly
Hello are you waking me

Waking you

I'm only 17 years old
So I still don't feel at all

Something's drowning underneath
Hello will you breathe in me

Breathe in you

Someone's mouthing on the cheek
Hello are you kissing me

Kissing you
Track Name: Sophie
Can you write your number
Somewhere on my sleeve
I've been watching you drinking
For the past few weeks

Is that how you get over it
Or am I reading in too much
Would you like to make out a bit
Let our tongues touch

Can you speak French
Do you read the classics in your spare time
Are we fixed
On the love you store deep in your mind

Does he even remember
The last time we could eat
Play a show and your staring
Down at your two feet

Take your pay in singles
It's how your dealer likes
Another day and you're wasted
Always losing your mind
Track Name: Fuck Raj
I've never seen her face before

I'd like to think to think there's something more
Track Name: Annie who speaks french for my friend, Jeremy
It's really kinda nice that we haven't met till now
Cause I don't want your name but I really could use your mouth
But every time this happens I can feel a piece of me die
And all night after I lie and keep getting high

Keep Getting High

And I don’t know how to say this but then again I don’t know much
Just every single aspect of my life seems so fucked
It’s a constant process of trying not to lose track
Of anything worthwhile but I can't see much sense in that

Much sense in that

Why don't you stay
For the night
We'll count the stars
Twinkling light

It's nothing big
It's not the end
We could be friends
I want a friend

I want to form a band that everyone I know wants to hear
Make a couple records and go out on tour for a year
But for now it's just a bedroom and me writing songs for myself
Wasting all this time on things heard by no one else

No one else