art is as serious as you make it

by jennifer tapes

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2 crazy 2 cool very frat bro


released July 14, 2015

Casey Brock - Everything
ranny damos - everything




Stumble Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Ghetto blasting to keep it unintelligible

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Track Name: take me srsly (dank song for jeremy)
no we don't feel that way
but we;re learning from our mistakes

don't think about me

how are you now
i've been thinking about you somehow

i'm not good with words
but i like to use my mouth
Track Name: fuck kevin
keep waiting for only god knows when
you're in love with only my best
oh no
what ur doing to me
you're more complete than i've ever been
deep in love with only my best friend

and i realize you're kind
and i know it's in my mind
and i know we see exactly what we want to see
Track Name: dgennifer tapes (zoloft)
See it in ur eyes
I know that you can't hate
But I sure feel when u despise me
Awkward texts with no replies
Well I'll give you all ur space
Seven weeks too late inside a bedroom made of moans

Blame it on the weed, u need it

There I was in September
Outside ur door, while u cried
There I was a contender
But I never tried

I want ur gift for tongues
I try to tell u that as
the smoke goes straight to ur lungs
On the hill made of trash
We're given all our space
Seven inche wide gap between our bodies made of love

Blame it on the tabs